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#157 Jason Coppens - Back to Basics & Bringing More Efficiency in Your Practice
Episode 15730th October 2022 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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I am joined by Jason Coppens of Coppens Business Strategies in this episode. Jason is a return guest and has joined me on the show for episodes #17 and #129 - I highly recommend checking out those episodes. Jason's episodes are some of the most downloaded and consumed so I had to bring him back to share more wisdom.

  • State of veterinary medicine - seeing ATC ⬆ and invoices ⬇
  • The cooling off of new patients and pick-up of dormant patients.
  • The pre-pandemic tasks and protocols that have fallen by the wayside.
  • Hiring/Training/Onboarding - a masterclass in successful integration within the team.
  • Services and ideas that are overlooked and opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability.

There are nuggets of wisdom shared throughout - grab a notepad and don't listen on 2x speed.

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