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#49 Eric Johnson (Follow Friday): Evil coconuts, Disneyland, dog selfies
Episode 4928th January 2022 • Follow Friday •
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Follow Friday is one year old today, so happy birthday to us! To celebrate, Garbage Day writer Ryan Broderick — one of the first-ever guests on the show — takes the reins and interviews Eric Johnson about four of his favorite people to follow online:

  • Someone he doesn't know in real life but wants to be friends with: Video essayist Patrick H. Willems
  • Someone who's an expert in a very specific niche he loves: Kevin Perjurer, founder of Defunctland
  • Someone he is embarrassed to admit he follows: Korean a capella group MayTree
  • Someone who makes the internet a better place: Engineer Simone Giertz

And on our Patreon page, you can pledge any amount of money to get access to Follow Friday XL — our members-only podcast feed with exclusive bonus follows. That feed has an extended-length version of this interview in which Eric and Ryan talk about why the history-comedy podcast Something True needs to come back for a third season.


Theme song written by Eric Johnson, and performed by Yona Marie. Show art by Dodi Hermawan.

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