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#333 - AU - Evolving Workplace Design
Episode 3338th April 2024 • Archispeak • Evan Troxel & Cormac Phalen
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The Archispeak University (AU) series provides educational content for architects and designers.

In this episode of the Archispeak podcast, Primo Orpilla, Principal and Owner of O+A Architecture, shares his extensive experience in workplace design, tracing his experiences in the evolution of office spaces over the last 30 years.

Starting his career during a challenging period, Primo talks about how he adapted to the needs of tech companies in Silicon Valley, contributing to the transformation from traditional cubicle setups to dynamic, agile work environments.

Today he discusses the shift towards accommodating a variety of work styles within the office environment, emphasizing choice and flexibility for employees. Primo highlights the impact of amenities, cultural shifts, and the post-COVID landscape on workspace design, aiming to attract talent and foster productivity. Moreover, he explores the significance of creating diverse outdoor workspaces and integrating technology to support and enhance the work experience.

The conversation concludes with valuable advice for architects and designers on engaging with clients to craft spaces that resonate with current and future workforce expectations.

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