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Ayurveda - beyond space and time
Episode 118th April 2022 • House Of Wellness • Himalaya Wellness Company
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Ayurveda guidelines today need to be a part of our daily routine to ensure good health and wellness. "The principles of Ayurveda, when applied with appropriate scientific rigor, bring about the desired results. And often, these are simple interventions in lifestyle, including food, sleep, and habits primarily," adds Dr. Vaheed.

In the eleventh episode, we discuss about Ayurveda, a science that is 5000 years old and yet relevant in modern times. Dr. Vaheed shares his experience about people opting for Ayurveda as a choice of therapy for many diseases. "People would resort to Ayurveda when in dire need of help when they felt hopeless with all other treatment modalities." He further explains his views on Ayurveda as a medical science and what sets it apart.




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