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Ep. 009: Real Time Graphics Explainer
Episode 9Bonus Episode7th February 2023 • Warfighter Podcast • Warfighter Digital
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For this episode we are very lucky to be joined by John Hoggard from the Defence Academy of the UK, in Shrivenham. John is a full time lecturer in Defence Simulation and Modelling, and teaches on a number of courses delivered to civilian and military personnel who go on to work on major simulation projects across industry, defence and the civil service.

We invited John to speak about anything he wants, and his particular passion is real time graphics, which leads on nicely from a previous episode on 3D modelling. John guides us through a range of concepts, including how computers draw the virtual world, polygons and pixels, refresh rates, how graphics cards work and the difference between frame and refresh rates.

John takes us through the latest developments in photo-realistic graphics, as well as the future development path for VR, Ray Tracing, mobile graphic and advanced sampling techniques.

All this might seem a heavy technical subject, but John never fails to bring concepts to life with his enthusiasm and humour. Recording this was an absolute pleasure.

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