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How To Wow Your Board Members… Even The Ones That Don't Get Marketing
Episode 411th May 2023 • The Get: Finding And Keeping The Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS • Erica Seidel
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Hear two SaaS marketing leaders from PE-backed companies discuss their hard-won learnings on working with Boards. 

You'll learn about:

  • The relative importance of the 3 C's – Context, Content, and Confidence – when interacting with the Board
  • How Boards tend to respond to certain marketing terms with open arms (ICP, personas, ABM) and other marketing terms with shaking heads (hint: brand!)
  • The importance of Board posture and how marketing and sales can support each other during Board interactions
  • How a marketing maturity matrix can be useful to show the Board

Allison Dancy is a veteran CMO who most recently was CMO for Kibo in the e-commerce space. Madeline O'Phelan is VP of Marketing at Verity, the SaaS fintech company.

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The Get is here to drive smart decisions around recruiting and leadership in B2B SaaS marketing. We explore the trends, tribulations, and triumphs of today’s top marketing leaders in B2B SaaS.

This season’s theme is the CMO and Board Relationship in B2B SaaS. 

The Get’s host is Erica Seidel, who runs The Connective Good, an executive search practice with a hyper-focus on recruiting CMOs and VPs of Marketing, especially in B2B SaaS. 

If you are looking to hire a CMO or VP of Marketing of the ‘make money’ variety - rather than the ‘make it pretty’ variety, contact Erica at You can also follow Erica on LinkedIn or sign up for her newsletter at

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