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Pod 170: Puppets are the Main Mission of Justin and Lindsay Lee
Episode 17013th September 2021 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Keeping a cautious eye on the moon, it's the Gerry Anderson Podcast! Filmmakers, puppeteers, and all-around creatives Justin and Lindsay Lee talk about what makes the legacy of the puppet series so enduring, prompting Jamie to break out a VHS copy of Attack of the Alligators! Are puppets really so hard to work with? What's it really like to work with Supermarionation puppets? To keep the wires or to remove them digitally? And what ties together Captain Scarlet and Rupert Bear? All this and ever so much more in a bumper edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

01:07 Welcome to the Space: 1999 Podcast

5:05 Morse Fact!

14:22 Incoming Transmission - Podsteron Emails

22:24 The Gerry Anderson News... with David Hirsch! See links below

34:40 Podsteron Messages on the Comlock

40:10 Justin & Lindsay Lee - Part Two

1:17:42 Human Podsteron Messages Required

1:23:20 THIS EPISODE of Chris Dale's Randomiser

2:03:57 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Justin and Lindsay Lee are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as @miikshi

Space: 1999 Technical Manual OUT TODAY!

Space: 1999 Christmas Jumper!

Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds Badge Sets

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