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How Leverage and Automation can change your Business and Lifestyle...
17th November 2022 • Billion Dollar Blind Spots • Sean T Shallis
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Listen in as we chat with Jay Berube, as he shares the secrets of Selling One to Many, Selling to the masses with Automation and leverage while he spends time with his family traveling for months at time!

Jay is a Serial entrepreneur and multiple business owner in the fields of Real Estate, Property Management, Digital Marketing, and Sales Coaching.

He has personally sold over 1400 homes, managed over 3,000 properties, and has coached thousands of real estate agents and property managers.Jay is on a mission to train real estate agents & property managers in the specific area of sales, and help position you as the “trusted advisor” to earn more business.

Jay’s “Trusted Advisor” approach to Sales and Marketing has allowed him the opportunity to implement creative, rejection free, strategies to sales & marketing and to provide a new approach to converting sales.

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