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Episode 201st May 2022 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Moms without Moms – Calming the Chaos on Mother’s Day - Interview with Melissa Reilly

Dr. Melissa Reilly is a clinical psychologist, a parent coach, and a Mom of two boys. She obtained her Doctor of Psychology from University of Hartford in 1999 and has been a licensed psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania for 22 years. She is also the cofounder of Shoudt & Reilly Psychological Services where she has a thriving clinical practice.

Melissa is passionate about helping Moms who have been separated from their Moms….either by physical distance, estrangement, or death. She helps Moms without Moms move from feelings of insecurity, isolation, overwhelm, and feelings of grief to a place of resilience as part of their motherhood experience.

Melissa believes it isn’t knowledge and skills that create resilience, but rather it is born through a unique method she has developed, and which she describes on this Calming the Chaos podcast. Melissa also describes some coping strategies you can this Mother’s Day if you are without your Mom.

Introduction to Melissa

Timestamp 5:41 – Melissa’s story about being a Mom without a Mom, and what brought her to do the work she does helping Moms without Moms

Ways to help Moms without Moms develop resilience

1. Overcoming Hardship

2. Having a community

Timestamp 15:00 – How to create a community and asking them for help

The basics of community

• The Wise Woman

• The Emotional Supporter

• The “Go Getter”

• The “Late Night Talker

Timestamp 18:51 – “A funny story” from Melissa about having a community, asking for help

3. Living by your values

Timestamp 26:00 – Melissa talks about values, activities you can do to develop them, and values in parenting

4. Melissa’s tips for everyone, including Moms, who are without their Moms this Mother’s Day

Timestamp 31:42 – Melissa’s advice to Moms without Moms on Mother’s Day and other Holidays

• Give yourself permission to grieve, plan out a tribute to honor your Mom

• Honor yourself as a Mother on Mother’s Day

• Re-focus on the here and now

Timestamp 36:00 – Tracy introduces a way to regain connection to those we’ve lost connection with through an ancient Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono

5. Website and Social Media Links (Timestamp 38:13)


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Timestamp 41:15 – Melissa’s final tips