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"Big Conversations, Your Choice" Special Guest: Christina Pascucci, US Senate Candidate
Episode 155th December 2023 • Big Conversations, Little Bar • Mutual Broadcasting System LLC
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The corner booth at Skip Paige’s Little Bar is rarely a place for politics on this podcast. When the discussion gets there, we try our best to cut that short. But, there are times when we are at a significant crossroads and public policy does impact every citizen. After the passing of U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein, it was clear there would be a series of fresh faces campaigning for her seat. This podcast is not part of our regular series on Big Conversations, Little Bar with Patrick Evans & Randy Florence. First, it will be shorter. Out of fairness, we will offer an open invitation to any candidate for the same office (which must have representation for the Coachella Valley region) to be invited as a guest on the show. There will be no bias for one candidate over another. Welcome now to our special series: Big Conversations, Your Choice.

On this episode, we feature a former Coachella Valley journalist who has continued to be a television reporter and anchor at KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles until announcing her bid to fill the seat vacated when Feinstein passed away. Christina Pascucci is a person familiar to many in the Greater Palm Springs area from her time on-air at KMIR Television. Pascucci shares the reasons behind her candidacy, why she believes she is uniquely qualified and how she thinks all of her experiences have brought her to this point. Randy and Patrick ask her if taking on a huge opportunity like this shortly after announcing her pregnancy should have us questioning her sanity. Find out how that exact concern drove Christina to seek the office of U.S. Senator.