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Beethoven Goes to Prison with Leigh Lynch from Arts in Prison
Episode 626th October 2020 • Beethoven walks into a bar... • Kansas City Symphony
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This week, we're joined by the special woman who sent Mike and Jason to prison. Leigh Lynch runs a program at Lansing Correctional Facility called “Arts in prison”, and she is committed to the idea that the arts are an essential part of helping inmates cope with the stress of prison, and preparing them to reenter society as more peaceful, and constructive citizens. We’ll also find out if anyone really wears orange and how Beethoven made his way into Lansing Correctional Facility -- this week on Beethoven Walks into a Bar.

Episode 206 Playlist

Florestan's Aria from Beethoven's Fidelio

Prisoners' Corus from Fidelio featuring the East Hill Singers





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