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Episode 102 - The New Guy
Episode 226th July 2021 • Beyond the Belt: Adventures from the Outer Rim • Jason Nitsch
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It was just another day at the office for the new guy on the station. Far from home, hating his job, and lacking in many of the comforts that he desired, our lowly accountants day was about to get turned on its head by some unexpected adventure. A sudden emergency at the station descends his world into chaos and he, and everyone around him, tries to make sense of what is happening around them. Runtime approximately 17 minutes. Story and original musical score by Jason Nitsch.

Andrew Harper “The New Guy” - Voiced by Jason Nitsch

Sarah Hughes- Voiced by Megan Ihnen

Overconfident Marine - Voiced by Nicholas T. Middlekauff

Random Hallway Guy- Voiced by Daniel Zbel

Narrator - Voiced by Aizaac S.

Originally released July 26,2021.