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Tell the Truth to Take Charge
Episode 810th November 2020 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Let’s be honest: The truth is scary! Looking at your TRUE self, every good and bad part, is uncomfortable as hell, so most guys don’t do it. Here’s the rub: That’s one of THE reasons a marriage falls apart. In this new episode, Mark shows us how miscommunication in marriage begins with miscommunication with yourself. Ultimately, becoming an empowered man involves staring at your vulnerable self in the face, recognizing every single fault, and vowing to always be honest with yourself. Once you do that, you can be honest with someone else. Period.

“If you’re lying to yourself, you’re going to lie to your wife.”

-Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Why EVERYONE lies to themselves

- If you use these TWO S-words to describe yourself, you’ve already lost

- The CRUCIAL parts of a happy life and marriage

- How men can define masculinity and leadership on healthy, empowered terms

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