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Episode 45: Triathlon Taren's woes/Nate Heath of Tri Mob
Episode 4531st July 2020 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • tridocpodcast
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Triathlon Taren posted a pretty grim status update in which he shared his frustrations related to weight gain and difficulties with maintaining fitness. But what he attributed this to has led many physician triathletes including myself to be disappointed that someone with so much influence would be so reckless in propagating unsubstantiated theories. I look at his assertions and provide my own unsolicited assessment for what really ails him and how you can avoid the same fate.Nate Heath joins me for the last of my conversations on increasing diversity in triathlon. Nate is an aboriginal athlete in Australia and gives me a history lesson on indigenous peoples in that country as well as insight to how his club Tri Mob is making inroads in the sport there.

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