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37. Your Guide to Living a Non-Toxic Life | with Allison Preiss
Episode 3722nd June 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Allison Preiss is founder of The Infused Life and it’s her passion to educate others on simple ways they can reduce their toxic load. It’s never been more important to learn about your products (whether it’s your makeup, self-care items, or cleaning supplies) because they all affect your hormones — especially if they’re full of toxins and ingredients you can’t even pronounce! This subject is so important because our liver is what processes the hormones out of our system, and when it’s overburdened by dealing with these toxic chemicals, it affects our hormones even more. Allison dives into the principles of non-toxic living, making your own non-toxic products, and why some of these products aren’t as good as the labels say they are.

We Chat About:

  • Getting started with non-toxic living
  • What’s holding people back from making their own products
  • What toxic burden is
  • What we need to avoid in our homes
  • What we should know about “greenwashing” products
  • The first thing you should do when changing out your products


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