BigCommerce on the compounding results of omnichannel marketing
Episode 34th May 2021 • Hit Subscribe • Recharge
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This episode, we’re talking to Matt Dornfeld, Director of Business Development, Global Omnichannel Partnerships at BigCommerce.

These days, there’s a million places to connect with your customers, from social media to search, and everything in between. How can you create a consistent experience for your customers—from the first time they see an ad to when they return an item?

Matt explains how omnichannel marketing puts the customer at the center. In this strategy, all channels work together to deliver your customer a well-communicated and comprehensive experience. Matt spells out the steps for testing which channels work for your brand, and how to find a balance between them. 

He also shares what metrics to track, his four pillars of omnichannel success, and the future of payments on platforms.

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