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The Turning Point With Dan Maw - Daniel Maw 26th April 2017
Getting The Right Philosophy of Where You Want To Go With Radim Malinic
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Getting The Right Philosophy of Where You Want To Go With Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic is a creative director and designer living and working in South West London. He runs Brand Nu, a multidisciplinary award winning studio.


Before finding his calling in the creative industry, Czech-born Malinic was an ice hockey player, a bassist in death metal bands, an indie DJ, music journalist and student of Economics and Business management. At the break of the new millennium, Malinic moved to the UK to explore the expansive music scene, only to find even a greater interest in art and graphic design. Since then his eclectic interests have seen him working with some of the biggest brands, companies and bands in the world. Clients include Harry Potter, London Film Museum, SyCo, Sprite, WWF and USAID amongst many others.

Aside from his studio work, Radim designs products for his brand ‘November Universe’, releases music and tours globally with his talk designed to inspire and support self-development in the creative industry.

In March 2016, Malinic released his latest publication, Book of Ideas. The #1 Amazon bestseller has helped novices and professionals across the world to find a new way of approaching their creative work.


Radim’s Key Points


  1. Don’t let things become stagnant.
  2. You don’t arrive at your final destination on day two or ten, it’s a constant.


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Top Quotes


  • I wanted to fly to the moon on my fourth birthday
  • I one day just decided I’d be an ice hockey player
  • I wanted to play but I couldn’t skate.
  • I enjoyed music quite a lot so I decided to join a band.
  • After one of the gigs, I had a handful of CD’s and I asked the DJ if I could play some music.
  • People started dancing and the DJ asked if I’d like to come next Saturday.
  • I’d never stepped in a DJ booth I just didn’t like the music he was playing.
  • I realised I didn’t subscribe to one movement.
  • It was all these musical influences that made me who I am today because I never shied away from exploring.
  • In the summer I did everything from a drivers maid for coke cola to working a building site.
  • I’m quite glad I didn’t know what I wanted to do because I enjoyed exploring.
  • I didn’t have pushy parents who said: “whatever you want to do, do it.”
  • You can achieve your dream very quickly.
  • You don’t have to go far on the internet to find all these inspirational quotes.
  • When you make your dream happen, you have to have another dream.
  • If you keep being intriguing about everything, your dream changes and keeps going.
  • It’s when you’re not fixed on one thing and don’t follow philosophy it’s much more fun.
  • What get’s us interested isn’ what’s the best, it’s what’s surprising.
  • I wanted to see the world.
  • I’d worked a little with Coral Draw whilst in the band.
  • Too much of one thing is never going to last for too long.
  • In design, I was lucky because I started from the very bottom of the pile.
  • I was ready to learn everything.
  • I got a gig with a jazz venue and created posters for £50 a pop.
  • When I decided to go freelance, I had absolutely no idea about it.
  • I had a couple of clients, I was sure I’d survive and…. I failed.
  • I had no philosophy of where I wanted to go.
  • I had to live on my overdraft for a few months and it gave me a kick up the arse.
  • I started working for a company that just did flyers and posters.
  • I started as a junior and made it to a senior in two and a half years.
  • I just wasn’t scared of asking questions all the time.
  • Sometimes it’s not OK to show your weakness and sometimes it’s not OK to say no, even though it would be the better answer.
  • Today I would happily tell people I don’t know this and that. I’m just honest and I’ll always try and find the answer.
  • Not everything will be the right thing. It’s taken me years to learn to say no.
  • It’s got to the point where I look at my work from the outside in.
  • I’ve spent years and year listening to talks and read books about neuroscience.
  • I now have a scientific answer to a problem.
  • Brand Nu was supposed to be a club night.
  • I liked the words so I decided to call my design agency that.
  • I never thought that Brand Nu would come full 360 and be about building brands. It all came naturally.
  • I was asked to speak to some student and the lecturer never happened, thank god it didn’t because I had no idea what it would be about.
  • I’ve been to a lot of conferences who had high profile speakers with very uninspiring messages.
  • I was asked to speak in Montreal and I had no talk whilst on the plane.
  • So I just ad-libbed my talk I had 45 minutes and it lasted an hour and a half.
  • I knew my talk wasn’t right, I just wanted people to be inspired.
  • Since I went freelance again, successfully, I didn’t want to be second or third.
  • I’m me and I’m going to do the best things that I can.
  • I had to spend a lot of time working out who I was and what I was standing for.
  • With the book, I just needed to sit down and explain to myself what is this all about and what does it stand for.
  • Now I spend hours just thinking before I open the applications.
  • Everyone is a specialist these days.
  • I’m glad every little fuck up, mistake, every little idea that spontaneously didn’t act on, I’m glad I did it.


Key Timestamps


  • [0:28] – The start of many things
  • [7:19] – Total exploration
  • [8:22] – Not hitting the plateau
  • [15:23] – Not staying stagnant
  • [15:53] – Getting into design
  • [21:10] – Freelancing and learning at the same time
  • [25:06] – Full-time freelancing which failed
  • [26:15] – The next step up the design ladder
  • [34:34] – Looking at my work from a different perspective
  • [35:15] – Starting Brand Nu
  • [40:07] – The speaking arena
  • [46:12] – Being the best you can be
  • [48:44] – Working out who I was
  • [49:30] – Writing a book
  • [53:03] – The number of options in design
  • [57:33] – Was it worth it?
  • [59:39] – Guest links