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S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK- Episode 8 Pt. 1 - "Credit Hero" Daraine Delevante
Episode 823rd February 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Episode Description - Daraine Delevante

Daraine Delevante, known as the “Credit Hero,” is also an Army vet. Daraine’s beginnings with credit and understanding consumer law did not occur until he came to the United States, from his native country, Jamaica. After joining the military and losing his job, he began his credit journey that took from a 604 (on Credit Karma) to over an 800, multiple times. Daraine has been where you are, especially if you have struggled with bad credit. In this conversation with J Haleem, Daraine takes a deep dive into the basic credit knowledge we all need to know, why it’s important to leave credit education to your children, and why late payments are illegal. NOTE: This episode is being released in a two-part series. 

Show Notes: 

1:20 - J Haleem welcomes Daraine to the show

2:06 - Daraine shares how he was first introduced to his credit score via Credit Karma 

3:04 - Daraine speaks on his time in the military and why/how service members often struggle in this area

5:12 - Originally from Jamaica, Daraine shares his journey of taking a leap of faith of leaving his home country and coming to the US

6:28 - Why it’s important to be your biggest cheerleader

9:00 - A Word of Advice, “Do not cosign for anyone,”

12:00 - The Paradigm Shift - Daraine’s journey to positive credit. 

13:22 - When enough is enough

15:01 - After losing his job, Daraine speaks on finding an alternative source of income and the Grace of God

16:16 - Two books that changed his life/mindset - Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Think & Grow Rich

20:54 - Don’t be dependent on a job

22:25 - While deployed in Kuwait, Daraine read 140 books on personal/self-development

24:31 - Building an 800 credit score 

25:34 - Factors that contribute to your credit score 

  • Payment history
  • Utilization
  • Mixture of Credit
  • Length of Credit History

27:20 - Steps to improve your credit score

28:55 - Late payments are illegal 

33:50 - Utilize other people’s money to get rich

37:08 - To dispel the myth of credit, you have to unlearn & relearn

38:35 - Credit is a tool that can get you in “good debt,”

44:53 - Legacy & the importance of passing on credit knowledge to your children

47:14 - Invest in yourself

48:21 - “If you live in your truth, you can walk down someone else’s path.” ~ J Haleem

52:01 - Rich people know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing

59:11 - You can get paid for having bad credit

1:00:00 - Learn how to leverage credit 


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Instagram: @the_credit_hero

Facebook: @dfscredithero

Twitter: @darained

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