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Pacing + Pressure and Flow State Living: Slowing Down to Speed Up
Episode 4127th April 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Is there really room for MORE than enough? 

Is there such a thing as living a life in FLOW or is it just a pipe dream, reserved for big wave surfers and extreme athletes?

I believe there is absolutely MORE than enough time, energy and space for us to experience full lives from a state of flow but it requires we set the intention to live this way and adjust our pacing IN the pressure. Such has been my life story as I am learning the art of mastering ‘pacing’ to live more intentionally IN the pressure.

There is a Good pressure that expands us at a rate our nervous system + energetic body can handle- and then there is the pressure that cracks us open, burns us out + has us constantly in fight/fix mode - stuck in loops of massive growth only to be followed by contractions that take us right back to square one. 

When we force things, we break things.

When we rush things, we miss things.

When we try and ‘fit’ things into already full containers, they collapse.

Today I am inviting you to STOP the insanity and welcome the ART of PACING - so you can STAY in flow rather than interrupt it.

How would you like to live in synchronicity, harmony and experience way more LIFE with way less work?

That’s exactly what this episode is about

In This Episode I Unpack:

  • We are the ones who make everything hard.
  • Getting out of the way is the KEY.
  • Why PACING is so essential and why most people miss this simple yet incredibly powerful piece
  • Adjust your PACE and let everything reorganize around you 
  • The cost of speeding up vs the benefits of SLOWING Down and honoring natural cycles
  • The “Empire” System of Production/Force vs “Heavenly” System of Creation
  • How to ditch the extra work, a ton of frustration and fights that could easily be avoided! 

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