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GO Getters - Lehigh University EPISODE 2, 12th May 2020
GO Getters Episode #02: Madelyn Monahan '21
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GO Getters Episode #02: Madelyn Monahan '21

As a top business student, rising computer scientist, and field hockey star, Maddie Monahan ’21 seems like she has it all figured out. But that hasn’t always been the case. Join President Simon as he talks with Maddie about her insights on overcoming failure, how she’s pursuing her passions, and what the art of passing on the field has taught her about leadership.

Stay tuned after the episode to hear how Maddie has navigated her semester since Lehigh moved to remote learning due to COVID-19.



GO Getters put ideas into action, creating change that has impact on our communities and our world. Lehigh President John D. Simon ’19P hosts straight-up, no-nonsense conversations with leaders on the forefront of change — within and beyond the university — who are dedicated to bringing direction to a dream.