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209: On The Dock with Deidra McGuiness-Ciolko
Episode 2098th September 2022 • Chef Life Radio • Realignment Media
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Deidra McGuiness-Ciolko is a restauranteur and professor who moved to Costa Rica and started her own restaurant, Gordika's FreshMex. She talks about her journey from Boston to the Caribbean and her experience during the pandemic. She advises people thinking about starting their own businesses to be careful what they wish for and treat their business as if it were someone else's.

"I just figured, we're going to make it, it's going to be fine. We had to close for five months, and that was tough. The laws here in the Dominican Republic regarding the curfews are very strict, and you don't reach back. We shut down" - Deidra McGuiness-Ciolko.

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