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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 31, 2nd July 2021
Li Hu: The Busy Persons Weight Loss Solution

Li Hu: The Busy Persons Weight Loss Solution

S1: E31: Li Hu: The Busy Persons Weight Loss Solution


Li Hu, an online fitness coach, reveals how to lose weight without spending hours in the gym, meal prepping, drugs, or complicated dieting rituals. This is the solution for busy people trying to maintain, gain, or lose weight.

Special Guest

Li Hu - Accomplished online fitness coach

Time Stamps


[00:25-Guilt Trip]

[02:59-Meet Li]

[32:02 - Where Do I Sign]

Key Takeaways

*Online fitness coaching is a thing

*Skinny fat?? What the sh** is that?

*Uncomplicate weight loss - health and weight loss are separate things

*Meal prepping is the devil and there isn't enough Tupperware in the world

*Calorie consumption matters - the plan is different for everyone

*There are no good or bad calories

*Calorie budgeting is as essential as home budgeting

*Body image is brutal - ease up on yourself

*Mindset is everything

*If you could lose weight by yourself you would have done it already - get a mentor

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