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Starting over completely & building 4 successful companies in record time w/ Rogelio Martinez
Episode 7610th November 2022 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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Rogelio Martinez went from being the President of Berlitz, the largest and oldest franchise in the world, managing hundreds of people around the world and being interviewed on TV to starting completely over - and in record time managed to build multiple successful businesses - a tech consulting company, a SaaS product company, a hardware and media company in the blockchain industry.

This is his story.

In this conversation we talk about:

What it takes to start over in life (new business, new country, new industry)

Identifying & leveraging unfair advantages to fast track success

The problems that success brings

Recycling lessons from building one business into another

Investing in what you know best

When does it NOT make sense to take the path of least resistance

Consulting vs SaaS

Why you don’t need to be technical to be successful building a tech company


Strategy versus operational efficiencies

Scaling up layers of management

The right way to run multiple businesses at the same time

Behind the scenes - Blockchain, Bitcoin, Defi

If you want a great example of the kind of thinking and decision making that makes business growth exponentially easier, don’t miss this conversation.


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