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Episode 28: "Regaining Your Confidence After A Setback"
Episode 2811th June 2021 • S.O.S For Leaders • Direct Impact Broadcasting
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It can be hard to bounce back after failure. Your enthusiasm can be hard to come by, especially when you feel you have been knocked down. Setbacks and disappointments have a way of knocking down your confidence as well. We start doubting ourselves and lose sight of who we really are. Without confidence, it becomes impossible to try, guaranteeing failure.
Thankfully, we know one thing for certain: Confidence can be reclaimed, as every successful person knows.

 “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill  

 In today's episode, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' Wilson shares 3 tips to regain your confidence after a setback:

  1. Remind yourself you can do it
  2. Limit the destructive self talk
  3. Keep trying

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