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Which Spouse Should be Working?
Episode 40929th June 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Through your life with your spouse, there will be times when they will be the breadwinner and there will be times when you will be. It is give and take and it’s important to have those honest conversations about who has the most income-earning potential at any given moment for the season you are both in and the state of the economy. It is okay if you are the breadwinner. It is also okay if you are not. If you are not, how can you be supportive? Remember that you are a team and in this episode, Cayla reminds us to put our egos aside and really look at this conversation as the opportunity you and your spouse need to maximize your earnings.

You will learn:

  • [1:47] - Cayla sees that men and women are different. Women tend to out-earn their spouse.
  • [2:53] - Nurturing comes naturally to women and we know how to care for customers.
  • [3:45] - Have an honest conversation with your spouse. Who has the most income-earning potential?
  • [4:44] - No matter who the breadwinner is, there should be support.
  • [5:50] - Because of an opportunity for Cayla’s husband, Cayla took her foot off the gas for a bit with Mommy Millionaire to support him.
  • [8:16] - Be thankful to your supportive spouse.
  • [9:20] - For years, Cayla worked on Mommy Millionaire and Chase worked on learning how to manage the money and invest.

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