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June 2023 Horoscopes: Too Many Vibes!
Episode 348th June 2023 • Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast • Laura von Holt, Alex Gershuny
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Unfortunately, Susan Miller hasn’t written the most compelling horoscope for your birthday this year, Gemini. But Laura and Alex are here to tell you all about it anyway. With a song! 

The gals jump right into this episode with a recap of Susan’s note to her readers. Well, it’s not so much a recap as a dramatic reading; this month’s note is so wild that only Susan’s original text will do. Astrology Zone readers haven’t heard much from Susan lately about her health woes, but boy does she make up for it in this month’s note. She describes all of her recent health troubles, which she believes were caused not only by the May 5 eclipse, but also by the vibrations from a tuning fork!  

Next the gals recap Gemini’s birthday horoscope. They feel bad that it lacks excitement, so Laura writes and performs a special song! Alex then tells the Scorps that they must focus on career advancement this June (love can wait!), and Laura fills her fellow Taureans in on what they can expect when Venus retrogrades this month. Hold off on the Botox, Taurus!  

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 01:58

Gemini: 17:32

Scorpio: 24:34

Taurus: 31:44

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You say it’s your birthday

The horoscopes are late

You say it’s your birthday

The stars will tell you your fate

Where is Susan Miller

It doesn’t matter

Your birthday comes and goes

You say it’s your birthday

The horoscopes are late

But that's just fate!