How to create packages for your business?
Episode 15013th May 2022 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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Do you hate writing proposals for clients/customers?

Because you’re not sure what to include and what to charge?

Do you sometimes sit on enquiries for days, weeks even - or (guilty as charged) end up not getting back to people at all. 

Because you don’t know where to start. 

If this sounds familiar, the answer is simple: you need to create packages for your services. 

But I bet you think you can’t create packages for your services don’t you - because every client is different yada yada - but it’s just not true.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, I share the excuses business owners make about not creating packages for their services - and how to overcome them. 

You’ll also find out why not being able to create packages is a red flag of a bigger problem in your business. 

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Do you hate writing proposals for prospective clients or customers because you're just not sure what to include and what to charge. And do you sometimes sit on inquiries for days, weeks even, or maybe, and I'm definitely guilty of this on a few occasions, not got back to people at all, because you just don't know where to start. If this sounds familiar,


the answer is actually really simple. You just need to create packages for your services, but I bet you think you can't create packages for your services, don't you because every client is different. What you do is really bespoke and tailored. I hear you, but it's just not true. I'm Janet Murray. And in this episode of the courageous content podcast, I share the excuses business owners make and believe me,


I've made them too for not creating packages for their services and how to overcome them. You'll also find out why not feeling able to create packages for your services is a red flag for eight bigger problem in your business. Here's the three common reasons business owners give for not creating packages for their services. Number one, every client is different. I couldn't possibly create a package or set of packages because everyone needs something bespoke.


Number two, what if I create a package? And then they ask for something that isn't included in the package, something extra or something different. Number three, what if they choose a package, but decide later they want some additional services or some additional features, perhaps you've used some of these reasons, or should I say excuses yourself? The truth is if you're not creating packages for your services,


you are making life much harder for yourself than it needs to be. Not only are you creating much more work for yourself because you have to reinvent the wheel. Every time someone comes to you and asks for a quote or a proposal, you're having to pretty much start from scratch scope creep because having packages can really help get absolutely crystal clear on what's included and what isn't.


So if you feel like a client is starting to push the boundaries a little bit, you can reign them in very quickly because you can go back to that document and say, look, this is what was included. This isn't included. If you want X, Y, or Z, absolutely happy to quote you for that, but it will cost you this much money.


You can communicate really clearly with clients upfront what's included and what isn't at each price point, and also make it clear that if they do want something that falls out of the package, that you've agreed that you will need to charge extra. For that. I think having a document like this really helps us set up expectations for both parties, right from the start.


And it also reduces that risk of scope creep. I've got my launch content intensive, which includes one day of consultancy impersonal, or on-scene it's includes a launch content plan and launch content strategy and notch content templates. I wanted to get more specific. I might give a specific number of days or hours afterwards. So it's very, very clear what they get for that is the first package.


And I've put that in at 5,000 pounds, then we've got the launch content intensive and debrief, which includes all of that, but also a launch content debrief with you and your team that also includes a 90 minute meeting. Plus a followup report gets very specific. Then you've got option C, which includes all of that stuff, but also an additional four hours of consultancy and troubleshooting before.


And during your launch, that's even specifies the number of minutes in each session. So it can either be four 60 minute sessions or 5 45 minute sessions. So what this is giving you is it's giving you control over your time. And if you know that you've sold your upper end package, and it also includes this many hours of troubleshooting or additional support, then you can factor that into your plans and make sure that you don't overbook yourself.


Over-commit yourself. You see also that I've added a section for extras. So additional consultancy will be charged at 200 pounds per hour and must be booked in advance. Then I've added copywriting and I've added that there's a price list available separately. So how I would package something up like copywriting marketing emails would typically involve more work. So I might say that a campaign of seven emails would cost this much,


a campaign of three looked, not what emails would cost this much. And I would price them accordingly to how much time they would take. The more creative marketing ones would typically take longer. So I hope that this has shown you that creating packages for your services can not only make life easier for you. It can also help you really maintain clear boundaries with your clients.


Everybody's clear on what's included and what isn't and what is going to happen if they do want something additional. And by the way, if they come back and say, could you also do this, this and this? Then you can add it in. I've sometimes had with clients where they've said, could you also include this? And if it's felt like a small thing,


I've included it as part of the price, but if I've looked at it and thought, well, actually, no, that's going to take me an extra, however many hours. Then I would say, yes, I can add that, but it needs to be charged separately. It also helps you to really keep controlled on your time and your costs.


And in order to create a package like this, it doesn't take hours. I created this one in about half an hour, but it also forces you to sit down and think, well, how long are things actually going to take me if I'm going to create a followup plan or report or strategy, how long do I need to allow for that? The other thing that you might have noticed is that this particular package allows me to Winston repeats.


So I've got certain documents, concept plan, content, strategy, content templates, which I already have content debrief. And that's another template that I can create. And I can use the same process with each client, which is going to reduce the amount of times. All I need to do then is work out well, how much time do I need to allow after a debrief to put this report together?


And if I've already created a template, that's got headlines or headers on it, then I might be able to get that down to 60 minutes, 30 minutes. But it's just really important to just think about all of this, but I hope you can see how in the long run, this is going to help you to actually deliver a better service, but also keep an eye on your own energy levels and make sure that you're not getting into people pleasing or over-delivering,


which I know I certainly have been guilty in the past, but you can also see how this could help you streamline. You can create processes that you repeat again and again, which is going to save you time. And each time you do it will get quicker and easier. And this is all going to have a positive impact also on your energy levels and hopefully your health in the long run.


If you've had a look at my example, and you still feel you can't create packages, it's because you are trying to be all things to all people, and you're actually making it more difficult for people to work with you. And this is a sign, not that packages don't work or not possible. It's a sign that you need to rethink your business model,


because if you can't systemize your coaching or your consultancy, your services, if you can't look at where typically with clients, you're repeating the same processes over and over again, you can't systemize that you've got a business problem that you need to look at because it really, really shouldn't be like that. You're trying to serve too many people, or you're trying to work across too many niches,


but it's not the packages that are the problem.



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