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The Power of Positivity with Mike Adams (Part 1)
Episode 119th December 2020 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Mike Adams on the Show!

Mike is a former NFL lineman turned Yogi. After playing football for Ohio State University Mike’s football career took him to Pittsburgh for four years where he played for the Steelers before moving on to Chicago to play a year with the Bears.

Through his years of playing, Mike used yoga as a means of training cardio, flexibility, and recovery for football injuries from knee and shoulder surgeries all the way to back surgery. It was after his football career when he began to dive deep into the mental and spiritual limbs of yoga. After feeling the impact of these benefits, Mike decided to become a Yoga teacher. During his first RYT teacher training his knowledge and understanding of yoga expanded and his love for sharing the practice began to take over.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, where we will dive deeper into Mike’s healing journey and transition out of football

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Mike’s early football journey being a top recruit out of high school
  • How Mike handled a scandal in college and a failed drug test at the combine
  • Mike’s career in the NFL
  • What it’s like playing with people that you grew up watching 
  • An incredible story of Mike being jumped and how he processed the PTSD
  • Dealing with injuries and how that led to disputes and mistreatments from team trainers 
  • Mike’s transition out of the league and how he has grown as a person
  • Mike’s journey becoming a Yogi and how that has transformed his life
  • How to connect with Mike

Connect with Mike:

Instagram | @mike_adams75

Connect with Joe:

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Instagram | @joe.hawley

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