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Episode 58: Unexpected Loss Gives Way to Forgiveness and Resultant Grief Used as a Tool to Comfort Others in Need with Pam Lundell
9th November 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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In today's episode, we welcome Pam Lundell, a popular personality among those who listen to KTIS radio, the local Christian radio station in the Twin Cities.

Pam was devastated when her husband passed away after a drug overdose of prescription drugs in 2005. This loss left her angry, dejected. All the emotions one would expect a woman to experience - multiplied by 1,000 and you have what Pam felt.

But to her surprise, her sharing her grief publicly on the radio allowed her to be something of an inspiration for other women in the area who were mourning the loss of their husbands, seemingly before their time to leave the earth had come.

Pam's biggest takeaway from her loss? Forgiveness. Of the person whose actions resulted in loss of life. You can hate the drugs and still love the addict.

That and much more will be shared in today's episode!

In this episode, you'll discover:

-Pam's faith breakthrough...04:05

-How God's Spirit brought comfort after the death of Pam's first husband...08:08

-How Pam's grief was used as a tool to comfort others...13:53

-Advice for those grieving a great loss...21:15

-The transition between two families blending together...25:00

-Resources Pam relies on to keep on keepin' on...29:26

-The one word that would sum up Pam's life...31:55

-And much more!

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