015 - Geoff Nicholson: Planning for Success
4th January 2017 • Success IQ • Geoff Nicholson
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Firstly let me take the time to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope that 2017 is filled with happiness and success.

This weeks episode is a little different than usual as there are not guest joining me to share their story and knowledge, this week I am going to share with you four strategies that I use to plan my year and which I use with my clients to plan their year for success.

  1. Reflect: Its is important to think about your past successes and failures in order to plan for the upcoming year.
  2. Creating the plan: I combine an old fashioned wall planner with my love for technology and apps.  My choice is Evernote and Trello which I use to create a visual plan that is colour coded for all the different categories I need to plan for.
  3. Break it into Quarters: I have found that in order to remove the overwhelm of having hundreds of goals it is easier to break the year into four sections and then focus on 3 key outcomes each quarter.
  4. Power of Accountability: Your targets and goals should not be a secret, using the power of sharing your plan with people you know and trust can be extremely useful in maintaining momentum and reaching your targets.
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