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Email Marketing Automation - 6 Automations You Should Have In Your Business
Episode 5511th November 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Sending your standard weekly or daily email is fine…

BUT it’s certainly not the best or easiest way to get sales more sales in your business. 

That’s what email marketing automation is for. 

With automations, you are really allowing your new audience members to get to know you, and in a world where we are bombarded with ads and sales pitches on a daily basis, it’s more important now than ever that we allow our audience to see the real people behind our business. 

Trouble is, there are a billion automations you could have in your email marketing, but the thought of that makes many people feel so overwhelmed that they end up with none at all. 

Can you relate? 

If so, what if we could help you cut through all of the noise and share with you just SIX automations that could make a huge difference to your business? 

Best bit, you only have to create these once and then you just let them work their magic…

6 Automations You Should Have In Your Business

Episode Content

  • (02:20) Sure, email marketing can be very overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. 
  • (03:43) Even when you’re feeling like sh**, you can make a good impression. 
  • (05:23) What is the minimum viable system you need for your email marketing?
  • (06:20) The first automation you need….and a LOT of people drop the ball on this. 
  • (08:54) This automation doesn’t just work for free stuff either.
  • (09:32) The important of the second sequence should never be underestimated. 
  • (12:51) We are showing our age with this next one! 
  • (15:42) This next campaign has another music theme to it, but it just works so well so we’re gonna stick with it.  
  • (17:30) The 5thautomation has a bit of a stalker-vibe….but in a non-creepy way (we promise!).
  • (20:18) But what happens when people stop replying to or clicking on your emails? 
  • (22:55) “Help! I don’t have any of this set up yet” - is your email marketing doomed?
  • (24:21) This awesome performing subject line is a trick question…

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