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The Art of Book Writing with Misty Granade
Episode 1210th November 2021 • Get Messy • Caylee Grey
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When I started art journaling, I started because I wanted to be an artist. But, step one to being an artist is making art. It's the same for writing a book. Step one to writing a book is actually sitting down and writing.

The absolute Queen of Process, The Queen of Doing the Thing, is Misty Granade.

When I found out that she was writing a book I knew that I had to talk to her about the process of writing. Misty is someone who is comfortable in the messy middle in her art and her writing. She has really good insights into how to talk to yourself in the messy middle.

This conversation is going to feed your soul.

We talk about process, the book she's writing, why she's writing, her struggles, how she overcomes them, how she adapts everything to be what she needs it to be in order to maintain the fun.

In the end, it's all about the fun.


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