Innovative Solutions to 86 Food Waste
Episode 3514th June 2021 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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It shocks people to learn that food and agriculture are the leading drivers of the loss of biodiversity on the planet. The restaurant industry, as a generator of both food and container waste, has a huge role to play in ensuring environmental stewardship for future generations.

Today, Pete Pearson of the World Wildlife Fund and Suzanne Cohen of Essity Tork are our guests on Order Up. Pete and Suzanne walked us through some of the statistics on waste and offered solutions that are both eco-friendly and friendly to the bottom line.

Listen to learn about the 86 Food Waste campaign and how Essity Tork is driving sustainability.

  • (00:50) - Interview with Pete Pearson
  • (01:55) - 86 Food Waste
  • (03:09) - Anatomy of the program
  • (04:30) - Separating food from trash
  • (07:05) - Food Waste Calculator
  • (10:07) - Changing cultural imagination
  • (11:33) - Minimization
  • (13:11) - Menu design
  • (15:07) - Importance of the food system
  • (17:51) - Interview with Suzanne Cohen
  • (18:47) - Initiatives at Essity
  • (19:19) - The intersection of technology and sustainability
  • (20:49) - Circularity
  • (21:51) - Supporting reduction in food waste
  • (23:44) - Sustainability and hygiene

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