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The Issue With Compulsory Heterosexuality
Episode 819th January 2021 • The Lipsticks Podcast • The Lipsticks Podcast
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In this week’s episode of The Lipsticks Podcast, the girls are weighing in on some serious BIG GAY ISSUES. We talk all about compulsory heterosexuality, why it’s a problem and although it’s getting better, why we still have a way to go.

Compulsory heterosexuality - or comphet for short - is the idea that heterosexuality is considered to be ‘normal’ to the point where in society we are assumed to be straight unless we state otherwise. This also includes an imbalance in the social promotion of heterosexuality vs homosexuality.

We talk about the recent news story that South Oxfordshire council voted for a policy which will see gender-neutral toilets being introduced as part of a motion recognising difficulties faced by trans people!

A new made-up gay word finds it’s way into our Gay Glossary. U-haul love this one...

We also give a big shout out to another podcast which is hosted by two fellow queer women. Her Dark Materials is a spoiler-free podcast which reads through Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials novels. Expect feminist analysis, northern charm and a lot of laughs.

Spoiler alert! This podcast may contact traces of giggling, northern accents, sarcasm and gay references.

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