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S4 E9: The Conscious Universe
Episode 95th October 2022 • Quantum Living® • Anna Anderson
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This podcast is not what you think it is, but so much more. Powerful and empowering. Engaging and fun. Surprising and educational. An uncommon conversation at its best, dancing out on a limb of the intersection of science and spirituality.

You will laugh, you will tear up, you will ponder; and most of all – you will learn so much and hopefully, by the time you finish listening to this podcast, your outlook on life will change (for the better of course!) with hope, anticipation and joy.

So please join me in this superb uncommon conversation with my special guest Dr Dawson Church as we talk about consciousness, drawing an important and curious conclusion that while consciousness is non local, everything literally begins and ends in our mind (figure that one out!).

Some of the key topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Suffering is a state of mind; a default physiological brain function which can be dialed down
  • Scientific explanation for the amazing benefits of deep state meditation
  • Scientific explanation for the silly looking and deceptively simple yet amazingly powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (ETF)
  • How important and easy it is to develop a resilient brain
  • How to protect yourself from the emotional contagion at Costco :-)
  • Why a lot of stress will kill you, but a little frustration will help!
  • How you can easily improve your health and extend your lifespan

This podcast is such a treasure trove, so enjoy and please share it generously!


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