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Forgiveness: Practical Steps for Letting Go
Episode 820th March 2024 • Intentionally Catholic • Dan Hansen & Fr. Ron Hutchinson
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This episode delves into the topic of forgiveness. Last week the conversation revolved around the importance of forgiveness, but this week it's time to get practical. How do we forgive? And even more importantly, how is it possible to forgive someone who's caused us a tremendous amount of hurt?

It's not easy, but Father Ron points out that forgiveness is an act of will, not a feeling. He discusses the power of forgiveness in the life and example of Corrie Ten Boom, a Holocaust survivor who preached about God's mercy and forgiveness despite her own suffering. The episode underscores that forgiveness is integral to Christian life, involves a lifelong process of choosing to forgive, and is essential for personal growth and spiritual elevation.

00:00 The Importance of Forgiveness in Christianity

00:34 Acknowledging Hurt and Letting Go of Grudges

02:53 Seeking the Desire to Forgive Through God

03:51 Forgiveness as an Act of Will, Not Feeling

10:00 The Lifelong Journey of Forgiveness

19:11 The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation

21:19 Embracing Forgiveness as a Christian Duty

24:47 Concluding Thoughts on Forgiveness




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