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How Does Coaching Support Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations?
Episode 81st June 2021 • The Coaching Question • The Coaching Question Podcast
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In this episode we are joined by Sasha Scott and Jen Morris of Inclusive Group to discuss how coaching can support Diversity and Inclusion in organisations.

The role coaching might play in supporting behavioural change in organisations is a relatively new development, and one that is still taking shape.

Listen to this episode if you’d like to learn more about the difference between Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and the different kinds of coaching that can support this work. We explore why many organisations fail to make meaningful progress in this space and examine the role coaching can play in supporting and embedding behavioural change.

As Sasha highlights, mindset is key. We talk about growth mindset, reverse mentoring, leadership, role modelling psychometrics and more.


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