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Have Defined Core Values
Episode 827th October 2021 • The Becoming the Big Me Podcast • Djemilah Birnie
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Welcome to Minute Madness on the Becoming the Big Me Podcast where Your host Djemilah Birnie drops a little dose of epicness in 5 minutes or less. In today's episode Djemilah talks about having defined core values. It's very important to set core values in your business so that your employees will be able to determine if they're doing the right thing and if they're fulfilling the goals of your business. It allows you and your employees to go hand in hand in the same direction and it creates unity and harmony within your organization or in your relationship as employee and employer.

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Hi! I am your host Djemilah Birnie the founder of Becoming the Big Me. I have been building businesses online since the age of 17. I am passionate about discovering the "secrets" of our world and what is the true difference maker. Why is it that some succeed and others do not? What is it that allows people to get back up and keep going even in the midst of hardships? What truly is the power of purpose? These are the questions that rattle my mind.

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Welcome back to The becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah Birnie,

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and you are tuning into minute madness, a little dose of epicness, delivered in five minutes or less.

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The other thing that is really, really important is to have a defined core values. And when I say define, I don't just mean that you have them defined somewhere in your head. I mean, then you have them written down somewhere, and I'm human, you have them written down somewhere where other people can see them as well. So that multiple things, if you have employees, your employees can also hold you to those core values. Now, that's very, very important. If you do have employees, it is extremely important that you allow your employees to hold you to your own core values without

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being reprimanded, and being able to live those core values daily. And that's the culture. When your employees, what can you have that culture that you've established, and everybody knows it? I mean, hopefully, they sell ideally, right? They like when they walk in, they like the culture that you're building, you know, and that's why you're there. That's why they're doing their best jobs, because you have said, that culture, and they're kind

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of wanting to work for you. Exactly. And that's exactly it. And then, but but then if they're not, if they're not the person that you want to work with your culture so much, that it's going to repel, it's gonna shoot them out, they're not going to work hard, they're not going to do their thing is going to shoot them out. And that's what we want. Because ultimately, you know, the cancer in your business will kill your business faster than anything else. So don't be afraid to Don't be afraid to for criticism as well. I get criticism all the time. I mean, but I also just hit you know, I woke up this morning, and it was 37 million views. Yeah. And it's like, you're gonna get criticism, like it's gonna happen, and especially the more that you get out there, the more that you're going to get criticism, one of my most viral like, videos went viral because of all the criticism, right? And I'm in love with clients from it. And guess what, they're people, you know, it's like, I got a bunch of people onto my email list and they went into my day, and it's like, awesome. So that's what you You just have to live in your truth like, do you have a defined Corvette values?

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Thank you for tuning in to today's episode of The becoming the big me podcast. If you found value in today's episode, make sure to leave us a review and share this episode with someone who needs to hear this message. That's how our podcast grows. Are you curious about learning more about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind? then join the free rewire challenge where we'll dive deep into the subconscious mind how it works and give you some tangible action steps to began rewiring it to serve you. Go to slash rewire challenge that slash rewire challenge. Until next time, I'm your host Djemilah Birnie, signing out




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