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Episode 8 The God Centered Process Part 4 Responding
Episode 83rd May 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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Episode 8 The God Centered Process Part 4 Responding

In the last episode we finished the 1st 3 parts of the process:

1) Buy and hold on to Gold (Truth) from Jesus that has stood the test of time

2) Buy white garments (God's Holiness by walking in purity) from Jesus that covers our impurities

3) Buy eye salve so our eyes can be anointed so we can see (Holy Spirit opening our eyes so we can see who God is and start to know His will)

Now we take the next steps.

Additional passages for reading, prayer and journaling:

  • Romans 12:2
  • Philippians 3 proper perspective + proper focus + perseverance in the faith = believers living for & representing their citizenship which is in the kingdom of God (heaven)
  • Hebrews 12 (focus on verses 4-17) but read it all. You will see how endurance + discipline + God's holiness = believers entering and representing the unshakeable kingdom of God