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006 // yoni eggs + why the gallbladder matters | jillian anderson
Episode 613th December 2016 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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In this episode of Sovereign Goddess, Sabrina Riccio catches up with Sacred Sexuality Priestess Jillian Anderson. The Tao Jade Egg Practice allows us to tap into our sexual energy so that wecan move our kundalini energy up the spine. As we strengthen our pelvic floor, we are able to use our sexual energy as creative energy. Building this relationship with our bodies allows us to feel and bring love to the parts of us that need it most. Listen as they share their journey of radical forgiveness to help them heal their gallbladder. IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT... ↠ womb clearing from childhood pains ↠ fostering a healthy relationship with our menstrual cycles ↠ reclaiming your femininity with yoni eggs ↠ sacred sexuality + having a healthy relationship with your yoni ↠ why your gallbladder matters. This episode will gift you the opportunity for more compassion + more empathy towards your cycles, your past, your body and your mother. We are called to practice radical self-love and forgiveness more than ever. As we learn to forgive and honor our mothers, we will be able to heal years of karma and pain that have been carried on for generations. This is your opportunity to break the cycle and to have pave a new road for your children and their children's children. This is our chance to heal 7 generations of dogma, pain and insecurity. We are here to hack the code and ignite new genetic patterns. We are here to help heal the stigma of postpartum. We are here to empower women and to see each other through the eyes of love and understanding.