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105 - The Power of the Human & Humble Touch - Lessons in Leadership with Tommy Ogden
23rd May 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Tommy Ogden is a co-founder and agility and analytics lead at Activera Consulting. Tommy shares his journey from a financial analyst with a side hustle to a leadership role in a boutique management consulting firm focused on the future of energy. His diverse experiences, including an unforgettable weekend chauffeuring international soccer stars, underscore the humility and team spirit at the core of effective leadership.

Tommy emphasizes the importance of humility, teamwork, and adapting to roles as needed, drawing parallels between his sports background and professional endeavors. He discusses the transition from a small firm to being acquired by Accenture, highlighting the value of personal fulfillment over comfort and the known. Ogden's approach to consulting—maximizing credibility, reliability, and intimacy while minimizing self-orientation—serves as a model for fostering trusted partnerships and achieving successful outcomes.

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