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Efficiency, Burnout, and Choices: A ServiceNow Perspective on Work Dynamics with Rob Jenkins
Episode 81st February 2024 • Beyond the Title: Conversations with ServiceNow's Elite • Farrah Wells
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Rob Jenkins is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the ever-evolving landscape of work dynamics. With a wealth of leadership experience, Rob offers insights into the challenges and transformations arising from the shift to hybrid and remote work models. His reflections touch on social dynamics, efficiency concerns, and the pivotal role of leadership in navigating the evolving workplace landscape. Join the discussion as Rob shares his nuanced perspective on the delicate balance between work and life in today's dynamic work environment.

Navigating Social Dynamics

Rob reflects on the challenges posed by the intertwining of work and social life in a traditional office setting. He highlights the potential changes in socialization patterns with the adoption of hybrid models and the significance of periodic in-person interactions for team bonding.

Reassessing Remote Work Efficiency

The discussion unfolds into an exploration of the unexpected consequences of remote work. Rob questions assumptions that the absence of commutes inherently leads to increased productivity. He cautions against overloading workweeks and draws parallels to the tendency to fill available time.

Balancing Act in Remote Environments

Rob acknowledges the difficulty of maintaining a clear distinction between work and home life in remote setups. He emphasizes the need for novel approaches to ensure a healthy work-life balance when the physical commute, traditionally marking the end of the workday, is absent.

Career Dynamics in Remote Settings

Farrah raises concerns about potential career impacts for those opting for full-time remote work. Rob acknowledges the shifts in career acceleration dynamics and technological advancements but stresses the importance of making mindful choices to balance career growth with the nurturing of relationships and experiences.

Leadership in Remote Realms

Rob underscores the need for leaders to invest heavily in communication, set clear expectations, and utilize diverse channels to maintain relationships. He places particular importance on informal interactions for understanding team members' well-being.

Stress Management and Holistic Well-being

The dialogue concludes with insights into stress management and burnout prevention. Rob advocates for real-world activities, like going to the gym, as effective strategies for maintaining mental well-being. He emphasizes the importance of finding activities outside of work for a comprehensive approach to work-life balance.

"I always think sometimes going to the office is a bit like going to the gym. You don't necessarily always want to do it, but you rarely regret it." - Rob Jenkins

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