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Breathe to Reduce Stress & The Science of Breathwork with Inward Breathwork Founders Amanda Laine and Harry Taylor - 28
Episode 2817th June 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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Breathwork is making a comeback, and for good reason. Through the simple act of conscious breathing, we can tune ourselves to new ways of being, reduce stress and tap into our body’s inherent healing wisdom. 

In this episode Laura Dawn drops in with Amanda Laine and Harry Taylor who have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve personal growth and elevated states of wellbeing, creating Inward Breathwork, the world's leading on-demand breathwork platform combining the most experienced facilitators in the world across ancient and new age techniques including Pranayama, Wim Hof and Buteyko method.

Amanda and Harry share their very first breathwork experience that transpired at Burning Man and how it radically transformed their lives. 

They share their WHY for breathwork: why practice breathwork? Why should we care? 

They dive into the science of breathwork and Amanda and Harry offer different breathing techniques for activating the sympathetic nervous systems and parasympathetic nervous systems and the counter-intuitive reason why training the sympathetic nervous systems helps us manage stress. Finally, they offer easy to implement breathing techniques to reduce stress in the moments you need it the most.

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