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'So You Want to Start a Podcast' author Kristen Meinzer on format, companionship and accents
Episode 3318th September 2020 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston from Deadset Podcasting
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Today's guest is the amazing Kristen Meinzer: an award-winning podcast host and producer, and author specialising in contemporary social issues and popular culture. 

Named "One of the 22 most influential women in Podcasting” by the Washington Post, Meinzer's work has been celebrated in Time Magazine, O The Oprah Magazine, The Guardian, Indiewire, and dozens of other notable publications. It’s also been showcased on NPR’s The Big Listen, NPR’s All Things Considered, Buzzfeed News, and more.

Kristen and Josh discuss what makes a great show, Podcasting with a strong accent, creating a solid (and fun) show format, and they finish up chatting about their 'favourite' Self-Help books. 

Socials: @joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.