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Making Art Too Precious & Carving Out Space for Creativity (with writer & painter GiGi Huntley)
Episode 18th February 2022 • Making Money Making Art • Kate Cavanaugh
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“If you ever wanna make money from (your art), you have to step outside your own ego."

For the inaugural episode of MMMA, we're chatting with hairdresser, writer, painter, and creativity coach, GiGi Huntley, who owns her own salon in Boise. She was voted "Most Creative" for her high school superlative, but secretly wanted "Best Dressed," which is the spirit in which this whole episode unfolds bahaha. She creates and posts a piece of art to her Instagram every day, was awarded a grant by The Alexa Rose Foundation in 2020, and hopes to get her novel published later this year.

We discuss finding the overlap between commercial art and what drives your creative spirit, the struggle of making your own art too precious, and the importance of

We also chat self-employment costs, budgeting for health insurance, and the impact of COVID on small businesses.

The conversation was so thought-provoking for me and I'm still mulling over my own choices in making my art too precious. I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!

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