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Ep. 124: The microbiome and athletic performance/Tamara Jewett
Episode 12428th July 2023 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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In this episode:

More and more, researchers are coming to understand how significant a role our gut has in many wide ranging physiologic processes. One important reason for that may have to do with the gut microbiome. What is the gut microbiome and how does it impact our health? How does diet affect the microbiome and what is the relationship between the microbiome and endurance exercise performance? In this episode's medical mailbag, we look at recent research that suggests our microbiome may have an outsized role in how we perform when training and racing. Plus, a conversation with the incredibly fast and increasingly successful professional triathlete Tamara Jewett. Tamara's path to the top of the pro ranks in triathlon was not a straight line and she continues to impress with her actions both while racing and when not. Hear more about who this woman is and why she is so impressive.


[04:17]- Medical Mailbag: The gut microbiome and athletic performance

[32:35]- Tamara Jewett


@tamarajewett on Instagram

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