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Episode #18: Top PR Minds Share Ideas to Save Ellen DeGeneres, Why Accepting a Demotion During COVID-19 Isn't a Given, and Jim Carrey Opens Up
Episode 1810th August 2020 • Talking Shop Podcast • Cam MacMurchy and Ewan Christie
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The scandal engulfing Ellen DeGeneres has been a PR nightmare for the popular talk show host, but also creates a significant challenge for the brightest minds in PR. We dissect what has transpired so far, where mistakes were made, and sift through advice from PR professionals on what to do next to save the show -- and her own reputation.

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the economy, pushing 40 million people out of a job in the US alone. But while layoffs and furloughs are common, those aren't the only tools in management's toolbox. More employees are finding themselves facing pay cuts or demotions, some of which leave employees in very different roles from what they were hired to do. If this sounds like you, Ewan has some excellent advice -- so listen up!

Then we look at how some of the lowest paid jobs turned out to be the most "essential" during the pandemic, how Canadian comedian Jim Carrey overcame his own fears to become a star, and some wrenching photos from ground zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki mere weeks after nuclear bombs utterly destroyed both cities.

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Ewan Christie is an employment lawyer and partner at Duntrune LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cam MacMurchy is a corporate communications executive with a multinational technology company listed in Hong Kong and curator of the Digital Bits PR and Communications newsletter.