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Episode 158th September 2022 • Pamalogy Society • James Carvin
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Those who complete and pass the Pamalogy 101 course are entitled to a Pamalogist top hat. Symbols included depend on levels of expertise and type of participation.

The Pamalogy Society is a nonprofit philosophical organization dedicated to the maximization of awesomeness both in word and deed. Our mission is not just to teach, but to fund and offer volunteer support to worthy high impact concept stage projects synergistically and strategically for maximum positive impact, beginning with the CounterChecker.

In this episode, James Carvin uses Maximized Awesomeology as a backdrop for considering what we are. We explore the mind body problem. Carvin argues that since abstract truth is not part of the physical world, it belongs to a category of mind that is independent of the brain or brain states. Moreover, the body and brain interact with truth. As such Mind contains a substance the brain does not contain - truth. Mind is associated with person, rather than body or brain.

Once it is established that the mind belongs to the person, rather than the brain or body, we will be in a better position to consider what the soul is in our next episode. With this firmly established we will be able to begin our exploration of how to maximize our personal awesomeness, maximize our own goodness, and reach our fullest potential in beauty.

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