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Set Condition One - Night Shift Radio EPISODE 12, 15th September 2020
Kobol's Last Gleaming Pt. 1
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Kobol's Last Gleaming Pt. 1

CONTENT WARNING: This episode deals with themes of self-harm that - while important to the plot - may be difficult to hear. We have taken note of the timestamp, so that you can skip this segment if needed: 13:30 to 20:30.

We are almost at the end of Season 1 (can you believe it!?) and there's a lot happening. we find the location of Kobol. Crashdown lives up to his name, Lee's a terrible boxer, and Kara's gone rogue to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo from Caprica. Which according to Andrea can't possibly be a literal arrow.

Caleb tells the story of the time he was in The Danger Zoneā„¢ while having an early morning beer at the airport.