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Enhancing Engagement and Flexibility with Slack & Emojis with Catherine Roberts #110
Episode 110 β€’ 5th February 2024 β€’ The HR L&D Podcast β€’ Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Title: 🌟 Enhancing Engagement and Flexibility with Slack & Emojis with Catherine Roberts #110

Host: πŸŽ™οΈ Nick Day, CEO of specialist HR Recruitment Agency, JGA Recruitment Group

Guest: πŸ‘€ Catherine Roberts, Senior People & Culture Advisor, Hedgehog Lab

Episode Overview:

πŸ”Š In this insightful episode of The HR L&D Podcast, host Nick Day is joined by Catherine Roberts, Senior People & Culture Advisor at Hedgehog Lab, who discusses some of the innovative ways the HR and People teams engage and promote inclusivity, flexibility and engagement with modern tools such as Slack channels and Emojis,

Key Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Best practice for promoting work-life balance and remote work options
  • Using emojis to support internal communication and flexibility request
  • Intuitive remote working initiatives and tools, including Slack
  • Strategies to improve work-life balance or remote work opportunities
  • Challenges of managing a workforce with a mix of remote and in-office employees
  • The key steps for a business to achieve a culture of flexibility
  • How companies can β€œput the human back into HR”
  • The importance of a β€œhuman-centred approach" to HR
  • How to deliver empathy-driven HR services

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If you have any HR or L&D that require the support of a specialist HR recruitment agency, please contact JGA Recruitment Group! We can also support executive coaching and consulting services supporting HR leaders towards transformative leadership and sustainable growth. Contact Nick at or call at 01727800377.


πŸ™ Thank you for tuning in to The HR L&D Podcast. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we continue to dive into the fascinating world of HR and learning & development! 🎧🌍




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